Super Friends Record Label Fundraiser Feat M.A.D.E.

  • SPIN Nightclub 2028 Hancock St San Diego, CA, 92110 United States

This is a night to party our asses off for a cause, as we use the funds to help us create our vision of our own label and entertainment company. 

We continue to take more control and responsibly of our fans experience, leaving no one but ourselves to blame for any issues that occur Ex: Bad promotion, redundant music, you know what we are talking about. We love our fans, they are everything to us and we have experienced time and time again situations that occur that we have no control over yet completely effect the outcome of the experience. Too bad we don't accept problems, we find solutions! We have teamed up with some of our fans and our favorite artists we have met over the years, each unique in their own sense, combining our networks and resources to really give this vision the full effort and energy it deserves.If our last event at Spin went as well as it did with just the supporting artist than I can only imagine what this night will be!

We also strive to make definitive impacts in the scene, not only for our fans experience but local up and coming artists as well. Holding to our "From artists for everyone" concept, which also allows us to break from some of the "popular" booking customs in todays local artist relations. The number one issue hardworking artists are dealing with these days. We have many visions and ideas we will implement for everyones overall experience, join us, believe in us, and we will show you how it can and should be. Be apart of the the movement, something you can say you help create from the beginning. We love all the support you give us, its why we are where we are today and we refuse to let any of it go to waste! 
We need you now more than ever. 

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Interested in playing or being apart of SFP in anyway 
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12+ Hour event 2pm-2am+ AfterHours
(Went to 3:30am last time)
Roof top music and roof top bar 2pm-8pm
Side stage and 2nd bar will open at 4pm 
Main stage and main bar opens at 8pm 

Main Stage:
DJ M.A.D.E. (San Diego/ Trance/SFP)
Insomniac Alumni

bassCASE (San Diego/ House&Techno/SFP)
Insomniac Alumni

Audio Rock (Chino Hills/ BigRoom Melbourne/SFP)
Insomniac Alumni

Vena Cava (Los Angeles/Electronica/SFP)
Insomniac Alumni

Matnetik (Los Angeles/FuturisticBass/ SFP)

Mutiny (San Diego/Electronic/ SFP)

~Atlantis Room (UPSTAIRS)~

Deejay Savage (San Diego/DnB/ Dojo Radio // Organized Grime // Boomcast TV)

Sweet Sync (ElectroKill Media)

More Announcements to come!
Supporting Artists: TBH 
Judged Competition to DJ this event TBH 
Meet & Greet / Artist Screening during 2pm-8pm
Live Artwork 
Food Catering
SuperFriends Merchandise