Devils Night Detroit Style

ARMY OF TECHNO & UNDERGROUND MAFIA team up to bring all of you devils out there a night to remember...

DEVILS NIGHT Detroit style !!!!!!

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Octave One (live)
Detroit Mi.

D.j. Assault
Detroit Mi.

Asher Perkins
Detroit Mi.

Frankie Bones
Brooklyn NY

Army of Techno (live)
Ann Arbor Mi. / Orange County CA

Terry James
Detroit / San Diego.
Underground mafia / Next Step

Prettyhowtown (live)
San Diego,

Damon Clark
San Diego.
Underground Mafia.

Arriving onto the electronic scene with “I Believe”, featured on the monumental (10 Records) compilation “Techno 2: The Next Generation” (alongside Carl Craig, Marc Kinchen, and Jay Denham) in 1990, Octave One is the brainchild of the phenomenal native sons of Detroit, MI (USA), the Burden Brothers. The core unit of the band, made up of Lenny and Lawrence Burden (with revolving members of Lynell, Lorne, and Lance Burden), have had the privilege of bringing their high energy live shows to many parts of the world, including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the USA, among many other places. 

The brothers have released groundbreaking dance anthems on their own Detroit based record label, 430 West Records. Including DJ Rolando’s “Jaguar”, Random Noise Generation’s “Falling in Dub” (the other Burden brother moniker), Aux 88’s “My A.U.X. Mind” (on the 430 West sister label Direct Beat), as well as their own Octave One recordings: “Empower”, “Nicolette”, ‘The X-files", “Meridian”, “Love and Hate”, “The Greater Good”, and ‘Siege". They have remixed tracks for such artists as Massive Attack, Akabu (Joey Negro), DJ Rolando (Jaguar), Steve Bug, John Thomas, Aril Brikha, Vince Watson, The Trampps, Rhythm is Rhythm, and Inner City.

2000 brought the most recognized Octave One release to date, “Blackwater”. The massive hit has appeared on over 30 compilation albums worldwide (with sales exceeding one million collectively). It has been released domestically in 5 countries (US, UK, Spain, Germany, and Australia). The track is also been a classic on the decks of some of the world’s best known DJs, Little Louie Vega, Danny Teneglia, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Jonathan Peters, Laurent Garnier, among many, many others. 

Late 2006 brought the release of the first full length DVD/CD project from the group, Octave One featuring Random Noise Generation “Off The Grid”, released in cooperation with Tresor Records/Germany. 2009 saw the release of the band’s first studio album in 3 years, “Summers on Jupiter” released in cooperation with P-vine/Japan. Other Octave One albums have also highlighted the boys’ career: “The Living Key (To Images From Above)” (1997), “The Collective” (1998), and “The Theory Of Everything” (2004) among many other releases.

2011 welcomes the release of the Octave One retrospective compilation “Revisited: Here, There, and Beyond”. Marking 20 years of living the Techno life. “Here, There, and Beyond" features O1 classics reworked by some of the band’s favorite producers: Luke Slater, Sandwell District, Ken Ishii, Alexander Kowalski, Vince Watson, Alter Ego, Los Hermanos, and Cari Lekenbusch. “Revisited: Here, There, and Beyond”, both the album and tour are slated for release in November 2011. One more milestone in the journey of one of Techno’s most exciting bands.

2016? - I can look into the future and know what I want to sound like, so yes, I did everything possible to make everyone listen understand that I’m looking forward, not resting on the past. If there was 10,000 DJ’s in 1990, and 10 million today, there is only one of me. I don’t DJ to sound like anyone else. I play to entertain dance floors with underground party music. This time around though it has a different twist. You can play underground music festival main stage style if you pay attention. Anyone stuck in a genre won’t be able to do that in America anymore. I do what I have always done before, and just make sure I stay in my own lane, and get to where I am going in one piece. Professional Grade, now and always.
it’s what the distant future looks like based on what I learned in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992. In those days I played underground party music. The streets of Brooklyn, New York were very rough, and the sound followed that grid. Now that the internet has connected everyone to the grid, I got to stay on top of what I do by everything I have learned and done prior to this moment.
This is how I walked into London in 1989. Like I knew what I was doing in the underground. I saw it a bit different then anyone else. And I still see it a bit different then everyone else. The way I map it out isn’t going to work for anyone else, but many people accept that. I dare to be different. An exception to the rule. 
I know what legendary means by all means. I mean everyone who may look up to me for my contributions to rave culture? First, thank you. The wheel doesn’t spin without you. We all have heroes, but someone like Goldie? I mean I can tell you an awesome story, but Goldie is the guy who went about things in such a prolific way. The realness of everything a person represents. I walk in those footprints. Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier are my heroes, but as far as living the dream, shout out to Goldie.
♥Plurisms - The origins of P.L.U.R.
The kids in the rave scene adopted this as their mantra and even when I first started The Peace, Love, Unity Movement, it’s fitting to know my original theory followed the same exact path only minus the glowsticks and the beads.

Born Craig De Sean Adams and raised in Detroit, Craig came to dance music like many of his Motown brethren, via the radio. Detroit radio jocks made lasting impressions on the young artist. Mixing records since 1982, Craig has been indoctrinating people with his own take on Detroit dance music, which is very much an amalgam of his radio predecessors. The introduction of scratching and rapping to non-Hip Hop genres of music, this style is something that could only have come from Detroit.
Along the way, DJ Assault was born. DJ ASSAULT A.K.A. CRAIG DIAMONDS ‘The STREET NARRATOR’ is hard at work with his label and a place to finally call home ‘JEFFERSON AVE’. Making his mark as a well established international DJ since 1997. Assault continues to globe trot yearly all around the US and to over 25 European countries. The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and Japan are also among countries that have felt the bass. DJ Assault is also the man behind a whole new set of beats — the man responsible for some of the most infectious hooks this side of the Mississippi. However, Producing records since 1995 Assault has been making some of the most talked about booty-bass, accelerated funk, and hip-hop tracks in existence.
Film & TV / Endorsements
Bounce 2003 Oscar Nominated Film 13
MTV Shows 2003 Road Rules, The Gauntlet
Ass-N-Titties 2004 Dave Chappelle Show on Comedy Central
Shake It, Work It 2004 Hewlett Packer ipod commercial VMA's on MTV
Bounce 2006 Film “It’s A Boy Girl Thing”
Coke DJ Culture 2009 Coca Cola Corporation DJ Tour in Germany
Ass-N-Titties 2009 Film “I Love You Man” (DreamWorks Pictures)
Native Instruments 2009 Free DJ and Production Software Demos
Get In Ya Pants 2010 Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat II on MTV
Roll Wit Me 2010 Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat II on MTV
Panties On The Ground 2010 The Challenge Cutthroat on MTV
Beta Tester 2012 Ableton Live 9 Suite
DJ Assault Sample Pack 2013 Computer Music Magazine "March Issue"
Ass-N-Titties 2014 "Film" 22 Jump Street
Ass-N-Titties 2015 "Younger" TV Land cable network

a DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Detroit, MI.

Growing up with parents who had instruments instead of jobs, he spent much of his childhood experimenting with music. During his early teenage years, Asher discovered Detroit techno, and began taking inspiration from producers and composers living only a few miles from his home. As he further established himself in the music community, the young producer began to work regularly with many of his earliest inspirations.
Darkly lush at times, and mischievously playful at others, Asher’s sound pays homage to classic Detroit techno while remaining fresh, modern and unique. Through careful synthesis, he creates an otherworldly soundscape, ensuring that the individual personalities of each layer are distinctively showcased. In performance, Asher attempts to utilize technology which provides him with the greatest amount of human control over the sound. With a setup that is nearly as flexible as the acoustic instruments he grew up with, Asher believes he can put as much emotion into his music as is currently possible within the electronic realm. In his words: “I feel the emotion from the crowd, and put it directly back into the music. Then we really can really enjoy a shared experience which can’t be recorded or described.”
“Perkins’ style, his sub-subgenre, isn’t easy to pin down, not even by the man himself. But he definitely plays on the minimalist side of techno. He’s more about creating a mood, finding the right sound, than filling tracks with lush noise. His is an intricate art, and it’s remarkably effective.” – Metro Times Detroit
2015 is set to be an exciting year for Asher, as he makes his M-nus debut with the release of his “AntiNormal” EP this August.

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NO ins and outs!! 

Oh my !! Oh my!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!! :D

October 29
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