RESOLUTIONS at Spin Nightclub SD | Duffrey | Secret Recipe | Devin Kroes | Sponge | Curtis G

At Mandapa and Synaptik Events it is our New Years resolution to step up to the plate by bringing you more of the most creative and forward thinking artists to the stage in much greater frequency. We could not be more excited to step into the new year by welcoming these five extremely talented artists from Street RitualSwamp Music and Cognitive Frequencies. Come join us Saturday January 9th at Spin Nightclub SD to kick off the new year with Duffrey, Secret Recipe, Devin Kroes, Sponge, and Curtis G!

Duffrey | Street Ritual

Secret Recipe Music | Street Ritual
(Formerly known as Intellitard)

Devin Kroes | Street Ritual

Sponge | Swamp Music

Curtis G | Cognitive Frequencies/Mandapa

Cognitive Frequencies Bazaar is back featuring local live artists and vendors TBA!


For VIP or general inquires contact Chance at or 858-205-9604