Ego Trip: An Oasis in the Hourglass

The sands of time are shifting and the Man looms to the East, a mirage on the horizon. But before the caravans make their way along the desert’s dusty roads, Ego Trip invites you to pause and lose yourself at our Oasis in the Hourglass. On Saturday, June 13th at Spin Nightclub, let time stand still amidst Chrome Spark’s synthy dreamscapes, then revel in a special Desert Dwellers house/techno set that will take you to the stars. We’ll have two rooms of entrancing music going all night featuring artists Nico Luminous, Lonely Boy, Kevin Anderson, Adia Break and Galangsta along with our resident Ego Trip DJs. We’ll also be featuring live art, performances, body painting, and a craft bazaar. All proceeds from the event will go towards bringing the Ego Trip theme camp back to Burning Man this August.

So join us at our oasis, let your eyes have no doubt. Step within the hourglass before the sands run out.

Doors Open at 9:00PM
Dance Party Ends at 4:00AM

Funktion-One/Turbo Sound provided by Higher9 Sound

$20 Tier 1 - Early Bird Presale - Thru May 22nd
$25 Tier 2 - General Presale - Thru June 12th
$30 Tier 3 - Final/Door

Available Now:


-- CHROME SPARKS (DJ Set) [Future Classic] --

Jeremy kicked off his solo project Chrome Sparks in mid-2012 with the track ‘Marijuana’, a thumping, fluttering piece of synth-centered bass music that unexpectedly set the internet alight. Following a series of informal bandcamp releases, Chrome Sparks released his first official EP ‘Sparks’ on Future Classic in 2013. Jeremy currently resides in Brooklyn, where he spends his time working on music in his bedroom, often only leaving it to play DJ sets. In an effort to branch out from this insular existence, Jeremy is currently on a year-long project to have a lunch with a new person each day. See the results at
Built off the success of ‘Sparks’ EP, Jeremy’s debut EP for Future Classic, ‘Goddess’ is Chrome Sparks’ most complete statement to date, a refined and matured take on his previous work.

-- DESERT DWELLERS (Techno/House Set) [Black Swan Records / Moontribe] --

Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, each of whom began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late 1990s after connecting through the Moontribe events in the deserts outside Los Angeles, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo acts in the United States. Their collaborative power has resulted in numerous full-length albums, remix projects for other artists, and EPs for labels like Black Swan, Twisted, and their own label Desert Trax, among many others.

Taking a new approach on digital production, Amani & Treavor have combined the raw sounds of the natural world while skillfully blended deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind and body. With this blend of sounds they provide listeners with a heightened sense of connection through their musical soundscapes. Desert Dwellers are one of the foremost influences in a genre that they have been “instrumental” in developing. Blending a variety of sources, their compositions form a heavily weaved set of sounds that have allowed them to establish themselves beyond their home base and around the world.

-- LONELY BOY [Desert Hearts / Rollingtuff] -- 

Funk conductor, eclectic savant, and master of good vibes: this is Lonely Boy. His talents are omnidirectional, spanning a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies, television commercials, bike building, sausage making, ice dancing, and tour gigs on every continent (except Antarctica).

Under his new alias, veteran DJ/Producer Joshua Heath has released with such labels as Futureboogie, Culprit, Desert Hearts and Armada Deep, as well as forthcoming releases on Kitsuné and Bunnytiger.

This lonely robot cares not about what genre is cool, what sub-genre is hip, what sub-sub-genre requires jorts and stashes. Deep, dirty, dreamy or Disco, he is programmed with one objective: to send you to outer space on a rainbow made of Oprah's tears.


West Coast Bass Maker NICO LUMINOUS is on a mission. His unique brand of "Glitch-a-delic Soul Whomp" fuses Melodic progressions, futuristic sound design and organic elements into sexy bass rollers. His original DJ sets journey through all tempo ranges and styles from Psychedelic Trap, Sensual Luvstep and Bouncey Mid-tempo Wobble jams. Hiphop, Dancehall, R&B, and Dub play a major influence in the Luminous sound to keep it grounded while travelling deep into to the sonic soundscape of modern synths and drum machines. Incorporating Beat-boxering, live looping, and a multitude of other instruments, his performances make for an unforgettable experience. He integrates his uplifting lyrics, and his well developed keyboard and Conga playing and often throws in his custom effects pedal belt for a show like you've never seen or heard before. 

Based in Los Angeles, however within the last year Nico has taken his music nationally and internationally blazing his trail nonstop at events worldwide. Consistently adding fresh tracks to his sets; he loves working with the crowd’s energy to create new sounds.

KEVIN ANDERSON [Desert Hearts]










Event Presented by:
Ego Trip

*All proceeds go towards bringing Ego Trip to Burning Man 2015

*This event is 21+