The Outer Limits Experience

Who We Are!

The Outer Limits Experience is committed to helping grow a real electronic dance music community across the world. Our djs have been selected because they represent the very best techno talent out there. In 2015 we begin the journey again, with new friends, beautiful people, talented creators and like minded souls. We are not interested in egos, nor do we tolerate them, our primary goal is to build a global scene of like minded individuals who not only support proper electronic dance music, but also who wish to go deep inside, discover the true nature of their soul and help release the energy of love into a world that desperately needs it.

If you wish to come to one of our events and dance with a freedom to express in whatever way you feel then you are welcome, but please remember, no muppets, no bigots, no clones and no bad attitudes...
We`re back in 2015..So, let`s get our basic philosophy out of the way. The Outer Limits was started in 1991 as a statement against the commercialization of electronic dance music, 24 years later nothing has changed, in fact if anything its become worse. Promoters are being pressured into booking the same, tired names at the expense of up and coming local talent, , meanwhile dancefloors are emptying across the globe because complacency has set in and the dancefloor is bored. Music is meant to inspire, it is the purest form of beautiful timeless energy from which everything evolves. For 10 years our djs and our music inspired people to be, to let themselves go and create a night that still reverberates in those that attended`s hearts, in the words of The Dance of Life, " freedom to act, freedom to move, feedom to trace the energy of the past through the present and into the future. This freedom cannot be curtailed, cannot be contained, cannot be held back, the legacy of the past belongs to the present and longs for the future".

Feel free to invite your friends, its time to go back to basics, word of mouth and proper people uniting to promote good music, new talent and show their support.

If you want politically correct statements we are not for you, if you want shite cheese, we are not the place to be. As we did in 1991, we will grow The Outer Limits to a worldwide phenomena, based on the simple belief that the music is the most important element, followed by the clubbers on the dancefloor. We don`t care if you think XYZ famous dj is god, our scene is hurting exactly because of djs like XYZ dj, who screw promoters with ridiculous fees and stop up and coming talent getting exposure.It`s time for a techno revolution, and as noone has stepped up to the plate and told it as it is, we guess we will have to.Invite like minded people by all means, but this is a community that will be built on principles that do not include being a dj to get laid, disrespecting other members and supporting shite music...

A bit about our history....
The Outer Limits was Bournemouth`s legendary techno club that ran from 1990 - 2000. With resident DJs Paul Edge, PH1, Liam, Charlie Tear, Aquasky, The Outer Limits brought to Bournemouth a host of top name djs including Andrew Weatherall, Mr C, Luke Slater, Dave Angel, Billy Nasty, Colin Dale, Colin Faver, The Advent, Laurent Garnier, Gayle San, Brenda Russell, Mark Williams, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis,Matthew B, Platipus Records, Union Jack, Art of Trance, The Scratch Perverts, The Herbalizer, Trevor Rockliffe, Derryck May, Daz Saund plus many more.
Overseas Outer Limits events were held in NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Denver, Seattle, Linz (Austria), Talinn (Estonia) and featured the regular UK guests as well as Green Velvet, Mike Dearborn, DJ Skull, Bad Boy Bill, Rabbit in the Moon and more.

We welcome you to be part of this fantastic journey, we commit to you every dj who plays for us will be playing from their heart, all we ask is you allow your soul to dance, sing and express itself, and always remember that peace and love result in unity and respect.

June 20