Mandapa & Triptych presents Zebbler Encanti Experience

In town for one night only, the legendary Zebbler Encanti Experience will be at Spin Nightclub SD on Tuesday August 11th. 

From creating and running Spongletron and EOTO's lotus, to composing mind bending music and next level events, Zebbler Studios has always been a strong force in the psychedelic underground. We are very lucky to have these two masterminds in town on their Refreak tour as always bringing auditory and visual stimulation with their new 3D mapped stage and beautiful sound design.

Music for the night is presented by Mandapa and Camp Triptych. There will be two rooms of futuristic festival music with a wide range of styles of house and bass.

Downstairs hosted by Mandapa:

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Asteroids and Earthquakes


Launchpad Infinity


The Lodge hosted by Triptych:


Mez hosted by Cognitive Frequencies:

Live artists TBA

Spin Nightclub 
2028 Hancock St Spin San Diego

Limited $5 Presale
$10 Presale
$15 Door